Web Design
We use a holistic approach for building responsive websites with attention to longevity & clean code! We balance standardized options and customizations to keep the site user friendly and easy to manage, yet uniquely YOU.

Price Guide:

While every project is unique and each project will receive an individualized estimate, here are some pricing guidelines for our most commonly requested scenarios:

Revitalize Your Existing Site

You may want to upgrade your site to follow current design trends, add plugins, reorganize the flow, or fix an integration issue.

From $500

Build A New Website (most economical)

We’ll set up your site (hosting, domain names, wordpress), customize the look and feel and establish branding with a logo, color palette, social media graphics and home page layout. We’ll integrate your site with a mailing list and teach you some tricks to help you grow your audience. We’ll also teach you some simple PayPal integration.

From $3300

New Website + Ecommerce (most popular)

Add a shopping cart! We can integrate a well researched cart for your specific needs. For an additional cost we will upload and organize your products.

From $4400

New Website + Membership (our specialty)

We are huge supporters of passive income and membership sites are not only our specialty but they come highly recommended! We will integrate a membership option into your new site and build your membership levels/access portals exactly as you want them. We will also integrate any one-time or recurring payments into your shopping cart or PayPal solution.

From $4400

New Website + A Social Network

We do all the research to find the option that best suits your community building desires, implement it, customize it and can also integrate your social network with a membership program (for additional ). Along the way we’ll give you tips and tricks on building your community and maintaining your technology.

From $5000

Add a Social Media Package to any option

Set up your social media sites and integrate them with your new or refreshed website and receive consulting on best social media practices from one of our experts.

From $500

Working with Kim and the TEAM at LAL has really opened my eyes, and then my heart (thank God!) to who I truly am. As a result, I’m about to announce to the world that I can help to open eyes and hearts as well. LAL is the whole package of conscious coaching, blueprint development, logo design, branding, site building, content development, photography, and videography. The blend of supportive guidance, along with a team of technical experts to help bring truth to the web, is simply unique, incredible and powerful! The team is helping me develop and build a brand within to then project to the outside world. Thank you, Kim & LAL!Ray Rolando, Oceans of Calm

Let’s Coordinate!

A coordination session is a one hour session that begins a research period in which we work together to gather necessary information to clarify your technological needs. After this coordination period I consult with my team. We all align behind your vision and devise an action plan and a proposed cost for the project.

$222 – $333


Branding solidifies your business with a cohesive design used across platforms. It’s the foundation of successful marketing. From a simple graphic to a site refresh, see your vision come to life!

From $500


Create a polished, professional presence on the web, from major edits to minor proofreading. Clear communication is key to attracting customers that resonate with your message.

From $350


Quality images can be the cornerstone for an impacting website. Hiring one of LAL’s photographers will ensure your story is told with professional, authentic and beautiful imagery.

from $500


Videos are effective at delivering information in a fun, creative & professional way and can be used across social platforms! Services range from simple editing to animated explainer vids.

From $350

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