Lee Harris Lead as LOVE

“I worked with Kim at a time I needed clarity, support, a sounding board, and heart-energy to back all that up. I was moving country, my work was expanding and lots was shifting in my world. Kim is solid, grounded, a great listener and a gentle but powerful reflector to your own human process. I work in this field and already have a fairly developed awareness of my own process, so it’s rare I find the kind of fit I need in a reflection. I didn’t come to Kim needing ‘answers’ but instead someone with a keen eye to help me observe and navigate my human journey. Kim fit me perfectly and I was ‘guided’ to her. So if you are ready to upshift yourself and need a ‘personal trainer’ of the energetic variety for that process, I can’t recommend Kim enough.” – Lee Harris, Lee Harris Energy

Lauren Gorgo Lead as LOVE

“Kimberlee’s greatest gifts are represented in her ability to reflect and inspire the full potential in all, while creating the necessary space for individual growth and evolution. She maintains the rare balance of encouraging others to empower themselves from within, while assisting them to create change without. I have personally benefited from her clear insights and ability to see the bigger picture for many years, but have also witnessed the effects she has on others through her grounded and loving presence alone. A new-paradigm thinker, with an innate inability to accept nothing less than full truth, I would recommend her services to anyone in need of a guiding light through these tumultuous, yet, transformational times.” –Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

Kimberley Jones

“Kimberlee is a powerful catalyst for clarity that’s for sure. She’s the real deal. I had been looking for something in my business but just couldn’t name it. She gave me a big picture, birds-eye view of how all the bits fit together in a pracical way, what to let go of and where to start, all while totally honouring the vision and mission in my heart. Not only did I get laser-like guidance and practical how-tos, I got confidence in myself and a renewed sense of self-belief in terms of what I want, need and deserve as well as what is truly best for my tribe. Kimberlee knows her stuff, she sees me, and is my go-to business goddess. I trust her knowledge, experience and deep intuitive insight completely.”
-Kimberley Jones, Kimberley Jones (dot com)

Stephanie Azaria Lead as Love

“Lead as Love’s Founder Kimberlee Gorgo is my webmaster, and she has been since my very busy, very large site fell apart in October of 2013. Kimberlee is able to take any huge problem and isolate the issue very quickly. She has never failed to see any situation through to completion, thoroughly and swiftly. She is a master at finding the needle in the haystack and removing it painlessly. She also has the very desirable quality of speaking the Truth directly, so that I can understand and feel comfortable. She is always kind and patient, and ever the professional. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs a REAL webmaster.” -Stephanie Azaria, The Cosmic Path

“I had the pleasure of working with Kim in replacing an ailing custom made system for membership management, online sales of physical and downloadable products, and event management. Kim did a terrific job in skillfully researching and integrating off-the-shelf solutions that met our many complex requirements. She has a keen interest in technology, is great to work with, and gets the job done. The new system is working beautifully. I give her my highest recommendations.” –Gunnar Nilsen, on behalf of Derek O’Neill (dot com)

Ray Rolando - Testimonial for Lead as Love

“Working with Kim and the TEAM at LAL has really opened my eyes, and then my heart (thank God!) to who I truly am. As a result, I’m about to announce to the world that I can help to open eyes and hearts as well. LAL is the whole package of conscious coaching, blueprint development, logo design, branding, site building, content development, photography, and videography. The blend of supportive guidance, along with a team of technical experts to help bring truth to the web, is simply unique, incredible and powerful! The team is helping me develop and build a brand within to then project to the outside world. Thank you, Kim & LAL!” -Ray Rolando, Oceans of Calm

Dr. Marianne Calvenese Austin Naturopathic

“Much gratitude to you Kim. You are an excellent listener and you were able to bring to light and articulate accurately what I envisioned for my business. You’re a great combination of conscious seeing with tech savviness. Blessings on all you do!” – Dr. Marianne Calvanese, Austin Naturopathic

Erin Melissa Pillman

“During the time that I worked with Kimberlee, I experienced more deep change in my life than I had ever dreamed possible. These profound shifts continue to deepen as I integrate them, and they continue to ripple out into all aspects of my life in the most stunningly beautiful ways imaginable. Kimberlee’s presence here on the Earth is such a gift. She is here in service to you and your heart’s deepest desires for full expression of Who You Really Are. I hope that you will give this work to yourself. You deserve it.” -Erin Pillman, singer-artist-healer

Nabila - Lead as Love Testimonial

“I cannot recommend Kim’s Blueprint Sessions from Lead As Love highly enough. I have had an idea for a business, for a passion of mine, for a long time but found it hard to find some solid framework that would truly support its birth and growth both creatively and financially. Kim has a remarkable gift. She tunes into and holds your space for you whilst you clarify your purpose and whole vision. The [Blueprint] sessions created for me an invaluable scaffolding to lean into so I could gain more self belief in my idea. The framework that she provides is both nurturing yet very practical. Her process keeps your creative ‘baby’ alive yet grounds it effectively so it can send solid roots out and grow. I started the sessions with an idea that had few bones and minimal structure and came out at the end with a fantastic grid, a map, to work with that has moved me into a space now where I now feel safe, fully committed, immersed and flowing with ease into my vision.” -Nabila, Umbilika

Raised in Love

“Kim, You are one of the people I am most grateful to this year. I know that moving through this work together helped me clear unconscious patterns holding me back from viewing myself as a person with a wider audience. The steady focus and your consistentancy helped me create a new vision of myself as capable and ready. For me the process was not always easy or fun but ultimately, I am loving it. I deeply appreciate your vital part in the birth of my life’s purpose. I shall always remember your contribution. Thank you.” – Savannah Hanson, Raised in Love

“From the moment I met Kim I felt like a truer version of myself. With her coaching I was able to step into that person in all aspects of my life. Without a doubt, Kim has the gift to see into the core of people. She sees who they are, their talents and helps her clients use that vision as a platform to believe it themselves. Kim doesn’t do the work, she helps you reach the confidence to come out as your truest self and share that person with the world. After four months with Kim I feel like I am entering a different phase of my life and know that it is with Kim’s guidance. I will forever use the language Kim and I used to live my life. Her methods are beautiful, organic, intuitive and honest.” – Anonymous