Oceans of Calm

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Building the Oceans of Calm website was one of my favorite projects to date. They are a local yoga studio with coaching and wellness services aligned with so much LOVE and backed by advanced teachings! Our designer put her creative and high frequency touch on every part of this masterpiece. We developed the entire website (gorgeous on all displays), built a robust e-commerce solution with a point of sale system for in-store purchases (more on that below), we custom developed … Read More

Infinity Healing

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Infinity Care Website

Maryellen of Infinity Healing contacted LAL looking for a team to set up a website, integrate booking and payment software, and develop a mobile app for their new healing center. All that and they needed it done fast! Six weeks later we had the website running, the app near completion and the booking software integrated. What a joy to co-create with such drive and vision! Infinity Healing provides supportive therapy solutions that fit your unique qualities and challenges – so … Read More

New World Economics

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This information and research based website existed as a pure html site from 2005. We transferred all the content, installed WordPress for an upgraded CMS exprience and structured this new website to be user friendly, well organized, and fully responsive. We designed the layout, flow and text-based logo. Branded with an easy to read and attractive color palette. What a difference!