Lead as LOVE™ is taking applications for team members that have a virtual skill to offer Love-Based Leaders.
Here are some examples, however we are open to your suggestions and unique craft:

Currently in need of Web Developers and SEO experts!
  • Virtual Assistant (VA): like a personal assistant only virtual. Take care of customer service needs: emailing, phone calls, reaching out, managing social media outreach, scheduling, Data entry, money management, Excel savvy, MSWord savvy, PowerPoint savvy, etc.
  • Facilitators: Virtually announce and/or manage your client’s seminars, teleconferences, radio appearances, etc.
  • Webmaster: Manage someone’s website. Keep it working efficiently and smoothly, fix glitches, manage updates, manage affiliates etc.
  • Web Developers: create, design, and/or implement web design.
  • Graphic Designers
  • Integration Experts: Anybody gifted at smoothly integrating things such as: mailing list software, membership software, shopping carts, gateways, web conference software, social networking software such as BuddyPress or Mingle.
  • Social Media Experts: Consulting with clients on how to have the best social media platform and aiding in the implementation.
  • Media interfacing: Help clients integrate their media into their website/software. This could be photo heavy sites, mp3 or video heavy sites.
  • Photographers: This is obviously an in person gig so please note if you are willing to travel for work.
  • Editors: Product editing, website editing, book editing, etc.
  • Custom Coding: Gifted at customizing the uncustomizable. PHP or CSS the he*!out of that thing!
  • Software Developers: Take someone’s dreams and ideas and make software out of it.
  • Mobile App developers
  • SEO wizards
  • Conscious Marketing: love & marketing. Using the latest technology & techniques to pioneer creative marketing strategies.

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