Lead as LOVE™ offers technology consulting! If you like to do the work or if you already have a techy but want our experience and expertise, contact us at hello@leadaslove.com to inquire about hiring a consultant. More specifically, Kimberlee Gorgo is an integration expert* and knows the importance of taking a holistic approach to website development. She has worked with companies small and large, complex and simple, to help them streamline their webflow. Through her consulting, Kimberlee creates a solid foundation for your business with organization, optimization, and integration.

*Shopping Carts, Membership Programs, Social Networking, Newsletter, Teleconference & Webinar Software, POS systems, Inventory Management, Accounting, Event Software.

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I had the pleasure of working with Kim in replacing an ailing custom made system for membership management, online sales of physical and downloadable products, and event management. Kim did a terrific job in skillfully researching and integrating off-the-shelf solutions that met our many complex requirements. She has a keen interest in technology, is great to work with, and gets the job done. The new system is working beautifully. I give her my highest recommendations. – Gunnar Nilsen, on behalf of Derek O’Neill

The mission of Lead as LOVE™ is to Support Love Leaders to Thrive. For five years Kimberlee Gorgo has been coaching Love Leaders on prosperity, self-love, money, authenticity, and expansion. She holds the space for love leaders to face their greatest challenges and sees them through to the other side. When either creating a world stage (a website) for the first time or revamping your pre-existing empire, Kimberlee knows how tenuous the process can be. One-on-one coaching is available throughout your work with Lead as LOVE™, include coaching in your website development. Also see BLUEPRINT SESSIONS for more support options.

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I worked with Kim at a time I needed clarity, support, a sounding board, and heart-energy to back all that up. I was moving country, my work was expanding and lots was shifting in my world. Kim is solid, grounded, a great listener and a gentle but powerful reflector to your own human process. I work in this field and already have a fairly developed awareness of my own process, so it’s rare I find the kind of fit I need in a reflection. I didn’t come to Kim needing ‘answers’ but instead someone with a keen eye to help me observe and navigate my human journey. Kim fit me perfectly and I was ‘guided’ to her. So if you are ready to upshift yourself and need a ‘personal trainer’ of the energetic variety for that process, I can’t recommend Kim enough. x Lee Harris; Lee Harris Energy