Materialize Your Blueprint

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Happy June! I am relieved to say that I did not delete my last post. If you need a refresher, here is what I am referring to: I feel to say that this (2015) is the year we can truly begin grounding the physical applications of the life we have been dreaming up. And if this isn’t true by June-ish I will be sure to delete this post and deny all. What post? Now that’s not to say I didn’t … Read More

2015 is Your Year

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Happy almost 2015! I have found myself in a very still place the past few days. It’s as if time has slowed down to a near halt. I feel like I’m in a freeze frame being asked to take extra time and space to let go of some final, unresolved aspects of my past and prepare myself for the expansion that awaits in 2015. And the letting go I am being called to do is no small potatoes. I am … Read More

Self-Love in Leadership

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Why didn’t anybody ever tell me that self-love hurts like a b*&@h? I’ve been preaching, teaching, coaching the benefits of self-love my whole life. I wrote a whole blog about it once talking about what now seems like fluffy wuffy “put yourself first” kind of stuff. Self-love is ultimately freeing, expansive and energizing, but recently I have hit a whole new depth with self-love. A raw, vulnerable, heart-wrenching depth. A new level of self-love. Some of you already know this, … Read More

LOVE over fear

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What scares you? Mountain lions, emotions, public speaking, heights – what gets your palms sweaty? As a facilitator assisting people to ground their ideas into physical form, I am quickly learning that the physical manifestation of lifelong dreams scares the s#*! out of people . Well, what is so scary about getting what you have always wanted? I have a few ideas. For many love leaders (luhv-lēdër: noun- Anybody with a message from the heart that they want to share with … Read More

Welcome to LeadasLOVE!

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I created as a hub to provide support for Love Leaders. What is a Love Leader? Anybody with a message from the heart that they want to share with the world. With Lead as LOVE my hope is to revolutionize the current value system, placing love back in first place so that those who value love above all else can truly and fully prosper. I am doing this is several ways: 1. Attracting a growing TEAM of heart-based techs … Read More