What sets Lead as LOVE™ apart from other technology and website companies is that we understand we are building a dream and a purpose. We as a team and as a movement know that our clients are not just looking for the bricks and mortar. Our clients work with us to develop an energy that will carry forth and succeed beyond the website structure.

When your desire to move forward outweighs your fear…

Lead as Love is known to partner up right at that moment when the desire to move forward outweighs the fear. We understand that this is a process and we hold space to face fears, sit in any discomfort, all the while moving forward in the physical world.

Website Development, Website Maintenance, Virtual & Creative Services are not only what we can do, it’s what we love to do. Collaborating and co-creating your vision with a tech team that is passionate about their work AND your vision is unlike any other experience.

When it comes to building eye-popping, leading-edge websites and maintaining & hosting websites to keep them vibrant & glitch-free, we are leagues beyond the rest. Creating at the edge is not only our passion, it’s our expertise.

While that’s easy enough to claim, here’s the vibe on what truly sets us apart and why:

  • We say yes when others say no. We find creative solutions to bring your quirky needs to life.
  • We are fiercely committed to seeing each project or issue through with utmost integrity.
  • We use a holistic approach for building responsive websites with attention to longevity & clean code. We balance standardized options and customizations to keep the site user friendly and easy to manage, yet uniquely YOU.
  • We consistently operate at a level to deliver sophistication. Many sites lack visual appeal and appear outdated. We stay on trend.
  • We’re a one-stop shop and the internal communication between the different parts of your creation are invaluable. They must speak to each other so your vision and message comes through clearly. We make sure that happens.
  • We’re modern, up to date, and always on the pulse of the latest technologies.
  • We stand behind our products with a 3-month website guarantee.
  • We research. We take the time necessary to evaluate if all the parts of your creation integrate, cooperate, are praised by the tech world and are sustainable.
  • We educate. Teaching you how to use your new site is a important aspect of your ongoing success.
  • We deliver value. Producing a website is only half the game. Having a website that lasts and sustains technological evolution is the REAL value.

And speaking of value…

This level of devotion to the success of your conscious business is an investment in your future. We’re not the cheapest option you will find and there’s a reason for it…

We passionately deliver top-level services, expertise, support and love.
We make connections with our clients through the development process and beyond.

Based on the experiences of happy clients dotted around the globe, LAL is the perfect fit for your stand-out conscious business when you’re ready for a true partner in website creation and management.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit. Contact LAL™ for a free 20-minute meet & greet!

Working with Kim and the TEAM at LAL has really opened my eyes, and then my heart (thank God!) to who I truly am. As a result, I’m about to announce to the world that I can help to open eyes and hearts as well. LAL is the whole package of conscious coaching, blueprint development, logo design, branding, site building, content development, photography, and videography. The blend of supportive guidance, along with a team of technical experts to help bring truth to the web, is simply unique, incredible and powerful! The team is helping me develop and build a brand within to then project to the outside world. Thank you, Kim & LAL!Ray Rolando, Oceans of Calm

Using technology to bridge your heart-based messages with the world!

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