Kimberlee Gorgo, LAL Founder

Around 2005 I began an awakening process. This was the beginning of a very spiritual and existential path to my current day expanded worldview! I have spent years (possibly this entire lifetime) letting go of anything that did not serve my higher self, the self of heart-based existence. Through this process of letting go I shed multiple layers, revealing my core, authentic, true identity. My personal transformation has helped me be a clear and present guide for those I work with. It has also provided me with deep levels of empathy for the courage and strength it takes to make life changes and an understanding of the rewards that come with living up to your full potential.

As the founder of LAL™, my main objective is to hold a highly resonant space for Love Leaders to ground their visions into physical form. Add to that a deep passion, excitement and gift for technology and LeadasLOVE was born.

.*Leading as LOVE

We are living out the repercussions of putting our lower minds in charge and leading with our heads. Now it’s time to awaken to our soul’s call back to love, back to ourselves. Leading as love puts the heart in first place and creates a life and a purpose that encourages JOY through our full expression of Self. It is leadership through being rather than doing.

In an age where an outworn value system of linear thought suppresses the creative genius and potential in human capacity, it is my passion to support others to come fully into themselves based on LOVE!

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

*Consultant / Leader

As a consultant, leader and antenna for divinity- I encourage others to be their most authentic, powerful, and joyful selves all the while stepping deeper into their truth. I have an uncanny ability to see misalignment within the whole (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical {can i add technological?}) and a passion & drive to help bring the pieces back into alignment. This, you could say, is my super power!

I encourage the confidence and inner authority it takes to push through all extraneous circumstances. I integrate intuition, education, and life experience into each session. I’m good for a laugh, and I’m good for holding space where tenderness is needed. I am very open and honest. I talk fast when information starts pouring in, and I base a large amount of my guidance on my clairsentient (feeling/body based intuition) gifts and empathic acuity.

During the time that I worked with Kimberlee, I experienced more deep change in my life than I had ever dreamed possible. These profound shifts continue to deepen as I integrate them, and they continue to ripple out into all aspects of my life in the most stunningly beautiful ways imaginable. Kimberlee’s presence here on the Earth is such a gift. She is here in service to you and your heart’s deepest desires for full expression of Who You Really Are. I hope that you will give this work to yourself. You deserve it. -Erin Pillman singer, artist, healer


M.A. in Holistic Leadership 2010

In the Holistic Leadership Program at Salve Regina University I focused on Holistic Counseling, specializing in leadership. All aspects of this Master’s Program specialized in new paradigm thinking and how to lead and counsel based on new earth perspectives. The program focused heavily on personal development, stressing the importance of a strong and healthy core in order to lead and counsel in a present, enlightened and supportive way.

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in the Expressive and Creative Arts

Also at Salve Regina University, I have studied the Expressive and Creative Arts. This is a very intense program that highlights the wisdom and intuition we gain when we are in our heart center. The Expressive & Creative Arts Program values creativity as a powerful tool that can be used for the purpose of self-discovery, transformation and deep levels of healing.

*The Fun Stuff

I love nature and being surrounded by lots of it. I have a strange obsession with Moose. I love seafood and being near the ocean and I loooove technology!

I’m a Virgo with an intense love of organization. I have been interested in astrology since I was a wee one and I am constantly learning more about it.

I get bored with most things woo woo and I detest  can’t stand  don’t love reading. 😛

I am 100% Italian and I feel like my cultural roots are a very deep part of my outward expression.

I ride motorcycles and have a particular affinity for the vintage, retro style, cafe racer bikes. I love to sing and play music. I love to laugh.